Introduction to the Rue Royal

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I am The Slightly Blacker Vegetable and welcome to my new blog.

The blog will talk about politics and is mostly a place to write down my thoughts. While it is a very broad topic I don’t want to limit what I want to talk about. Though  it mostly focus on International politics because that it is my main interest. Thoughts about the book I am currently reading will also be featured. The politics of this blog will slant toward the liberal end of the spectrum though if I do get comments I will not censor or moderate them(except for spam).

The name of the blog is taken from the street where Baron D’Holbach held his salon that many eminent enlightenment philosophers attended.  It was chosen partially because I agree with Baron D’Holbach on so many issues and partially because I am enchanted by the fact that one place saw such distinguished people such as Gibbon, Hume and Rousseau talk about the most important issues of the day. While I have no pretensions about emulating this I think the name serves as a fine tribute.

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American Interventions since WWII

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been criticized on the campaign trail for the failure of the Libyan intervention while she was Secretary of State. She was not the first Secretary of State to stage interventions. In a series of blog posts I will examine how successful the U.S. has been in these interventions. All of the interventions I will examine will be after WWII because they are more relevant to U.S. foreign policy and the upholding of the liberal order.    Even within this time frame their is still a lot of interventions and I have to choose which ones are the most important. The interventions I chose are below:

South Korea/Vietnam




There are no hard dates for when each post will be published. Hopefully I will be able to post one once a week.